Our vision is to make banking and insurance simple and easily accessible to New Zealanders with the help of technology.

Digital technology has changed the way we do things in the world today, and these innovations are evolving every day. Imagine, ordering your favourite cuisine from the comfort of your home and receiving the order in minutes.

Technology allows us to do things faster and more efficiently than ever before. At aboundnet, we give you access to the technology that enables you to manage your financial services efficiently and without hassle.

The best part is that we don’t charge you a cent! Yes, you heard us right, our services are completely free.

We understand the trouble you go through when you need to find the right insurance company or seek to take a loan. The procedure of searching for the best offer and doing follow-ups can be overwhelming. Our advanced systems leverage the latest innovations in database technology to take care of the hard work so you can work smarter.

Our website presents you with a user-friendly frontend to powerful tools that allow you to organise your financial needs with ease, all by yourself. With our service, you can take charge of your financial demands from the convenience of your home, office or while on move. You can now find the best possible deal for the service you need within a few minutes, without wasting time and energy shopping around.

With the service of Aboundnet, New Zealanders can simply go online to research the best mortgage, loan, or insurance service while relaxing at home. We have a massive database of financial service providers and give you access to powerful tools to search and compare offers from various companies. We also provide you with relevant information that allows you to understand the product, so you can make an informed decision. After you decide on the service to use for your next loan or insurance, simply follow the steps we provide to organise it all by yourself.

Don’t be discouraged if you do not understand financial terms, our website is built for you. We present financial jargon in the everyday language you can understand. With our service, you have access to the right information you need to select the right financial product. We bring transparency to financial services and make it easy for you to make the right decision quickly.

Do you prefer to take financial advice from an expert rather than going through the DIY route? We’ve got you covered. We give you access to a licensed professional who has expertise in consulting for the financial product you need. At Aboundnet, we have converged a team of expert financial advisers that specialise in handling consultation services for various financial products. These financial advisers do not work for us, they are either independent consultants or representing reputable financial advisory firms.

Again, we make the procedure of locating the financial expert closest to you hassle-free. With just a few clicks, you will be able to find the financial expert that will cater to your next mortgage, personal loan, insurance needs, etc. We recommend you browse the profiles of our handpicked financial advisers, check their expertise and rating, then contact the expert of your choice directly.

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